An incredibly fun
and easy way to make
gorgeous photo books.

The app

It’s fun and easy. Select a great book theme, add your photos- then simply drag, drop and arrange. Apply filters and frames, captions and layouts, stickers and more. Have a blast making the best photo book ever. The app is designed to take advantage of the iPad’s intuitive capabilities to give you an experience unlike anything else before.

The occasions

KeepShot is for every event you celebrate with photos. Your family vacation. A weekend get-together. Your best friend’s engagement party. Your baby’s first birthday and more... KeepShot is for all of the big moments, and the little ones.



We use the finest, richest quality paper available, and print your book on the best presses in the world. It’s not just printing, it’s hand crafted workmanship worthy of the most discerning photographers in the world. Your photo books deserve no less.


The Delivery

It’s like getting a present. You’ll be wowed when you open the box. We guarantee it.

The Package